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  I am happy to announce that I've become an INNOVA LONGARM MACHINES sub-dealer! I would be happy to help you get your dream machine. Feel free to email me for details to QUILTOFF@GMAIL.COM

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My passion for creating with fabrics has spanned over 10 years; but buying my first longarm in 2014 transformed my life into a magical journey. I love working with the different textures, colors, and having the freedom to design and discovering different styles and techniques in longarm quilting. I consider myself as an always learning, curious, inquiring quilter who is always hungry for new ideas, designs and visions. I learn with every quilt, and I make certain that every quilt which ends up on my frame is unique and deserves a very detailed special quilting. I specialize in boutique quilts and memory 'keeper' quilts.


  1. I have had the honor of Julia completing many of my quilts. From custom, semi custom to E2E. Every one of the quilts she completes is done with Love. There is no one like her. Thank you Julia for all the precious art pieces I have in my home. Your quilt visions are indescribable. Much success to your new site, classes and future books.

  2. I am a huge fan of your beautiful quilting and videos and classes! Thanks for all you contribute to quilting!

  3. Julia, every time I see a quilt or post from you, it makes me smile. I am blessed to have your friendship, even from afar, you are one of my favorite stars. Congrats for your current success and all future successes. Blessing always. Diane Updike. xoxo


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