Refund policy


There is NO automated form for return or refund requests. Please contact us through e-mail at QUILTOFF@GMAIL.COM


If the Quilt has incisions or tears in the fabric that are not at the seams, we do not approve this refund or replacement.

If the Quilt was washed in the washing machine and obviously lost its appearance - we do not approve a refund or replacement.

Before sending it back, we ask you to coordinate this with us, pack it carefully, and tell us the dimensions of the box, the weight, and the sender's address. We will send you a return label.

Quilting Rulers and Templates.

Please be sure that the items you want to return do not have any scratches or chips on them and they kept their ORIGINAL CONDITION!

Please pack it carefully and ship it to our address. We will check it and refund your payment.

There should be no scratches or debris on the quilting ruler and templates.

We also do not accept refunds if there is FAT, SNOTS, LEFTOVERS, or other incomprehensible items on our products. 

Please respect our business the way you would like to be treated.