How to buy guide

Your NEW INNOVA will be your passion, so let us let you know how to buy and build the machine configuration right to your purposes.
1. How to buy.
First of all, come to us and try to use the machine by yourself. Nobody can feel it better then you. 
You can try Freemotion (non-computerized) machine and the top configured computerized machine. You will see the machines that are being used every day and get the answers from real quilters. We are here to help you with your questions.
2. Machine configuration /  specification
You will find the specification and prices for machines and configurations below.
We could discuss all additional electronic and mechanical parts to help you improve your skills and use your machine the most effective way.
Click on the machine you are interested in to see more information.
INNOVA M20 , - starts from $24.500, Frame up to 12ft  INCLUDED
INNOVA M24 - starts from $29.500, Frame up to 12ft INCLUDED
INNOVA M28 - starts from $50.899 (AutoPilot Mach3 and Frame up to 12ft INCLUDED)



 AutoPilot Mach 3 - $16.399 Navigator P2 - $11.999
Grand Format Embroidery - $2.599 PantoVision T2  -  $3.499
3. Delivery. Shipping.

At the first stage the machine will be delivered to the dealer location and will be preassembled and double checked by the certified mechanic. The machine will be checked according to it's configuration. At the second stage, delivery will be scheduled according to your plans, at exact time when you are ready to have it installed. 

Delivery price depends on configuration and would vary from $750 for non-computerized machine and frame to $1500 for computerized machine and frame.

Average delivery time is 4-6 weeks from payment clearance. Please call / e-mail us to find out the exact shipping time.
4. Installation.
The installation process will take maximum 1 day for non-computerized machine and 2 days for computerized machine. We take that time for doing everything right and according to the documentation.
The installation fees are:  $750 for non-computerized machine and $1500 for computerized machine. Price may vary depending on your location.
We will provide a basic education on how to clean, use, adjust your machine; explain how different functions work. We will not leave you until you are confident to start working on your next project and have all your questions answered.
5. Warranty. 
We offer 10 Year warranty period on all electrical and mechanical parts.
6. Customer service. 
We are proud to say that we have 24/7 customer service. We have mechanical and software engineers on line. Any software problems with your computerized machine will be solved remotely through the internet and TeamViewer access. You can call us (a dealer) to receive help until you will be satisfied. 
For optimal support, please contact your dealer first before contacting the factory. 
7.  Finance option.
8. Classes and additional education.
We offer  free educational videos on YouTube and  private lessons/classes for additional fee.
You will receive free classes with your machine. Please contact for details. 
So if you decided to talk about your new INNOVA machine, please send an e-mail or call us. We will be glad to send you a detailed quote after we discuss your needs. 
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Thank you and lets QUILT IT!