INNOVA: your next business partner

 INNOVA machine could be your artistic or business partner.

       We all need a good machinery and tools to succeed in art and create the pieces to enjoy or sell. Let me introduce you a few ways how INNOVA Longarm Quilting System could be your business partner and earn you additional income or become a long-life business for you and your family.


 If you have been using service to finish your quilt tops, you already know this hobby is not cheap. For a simple edge to edge design you might have paid anywhere from 2 cents to 4 cents per square inch. Not to mention more elaborate custom or show quilting that can easily jump to thousands of dollars per quilt. Maybe it's time to consider doing it yourself? No need to save up to cover quilting service expenses, with a good and reliable machine you can start working on your own quilt tops and make them unique. 

And how about helping your friends, guild fellows, charity, other quilters? Imagine that impact you can make and bring joy to so many!

You may start making extra income right away, even while you're learning how to use your machine. Starting from minimal charges, lets say even a cent per inch, you may make at least $90 per queen size quilt, which it is easy to finish within half a day using such tools as Autopilot or Navigator. You will feel more comfortable and confident to raise your rates as your professionalism grows. 

Just think about it, even with getting the most luxurious combination ($40+K) and getting financing for it (let's say, 5 years) you will need to finish 5-6 quilts a month charging just 2 cents per inch to cover your monthly payment! ***please contact us for more detailed information

As a dealer, we offer education on every system we sell, from basic to professional, and you won't be left alone one by one with your machine.

Awesome technical support from your dealer is a must when you invest in such a serious equipment. We are proud to provide you a fast, effective and helpful support with any issues you might have, or any questions that might pop up. 

If you are an artist and dream about freemotioning - wait no more! INNOVA will become an irreplaceable partner, reliable, stable, easy to control and learn, a machine you can rely on and be confident with!