Longarm Quilting Services,  original for each client!

Please follow the next instructions to prepare the quilt:

1. All threads have to be clipped
2. Backing and Batting have to be at least 4-5 inches longer than your Top on all 4 sides.
3. The Top has to be squared and pressed
Turnaround time is approximately 1-2 weeks from the moment I receive your top and we agree about all details - patterns, colors of thread, binding, etc.
I will email you when your top arrives.
I will describe to you my vision of design for your Quilt after I receive your Top, we can arrange the video chat to discuss the design or I email you.
I am open to any suggestions and thoughts you have about finishing your quilt, let's discuss!

Please send me your Top, Backing, and Batting. You can purchase the Backing and Batting from me for an extra charge.  Please contact me for pricing (cotton, wool, poly, bamboo).
I will use a high-quality quilting thread, with color that will match as close as possible OR contrasting thread if required. The variegated thread is also available.

  • Heirloom and Custom  Quilting - $0.11 and up per square inch
  • Semi-custom Quilting (mixture of computerized and free-motion work) - $0.03-$0.11 per square inch
  • EDGE to EDGE computerized quilting - $0.02  per square inch (regular density) to $0.03 (extra dense quilting). You can calculate your estimate price on the this page below.

Thank you for choosing me. I WILL DO MY BEST TO TURN YOUR TOP INTO A QUILT!
I am an experienced longarm quilter with great desire to make your quilts perfect, unusual and full of love.
Please contact me if you have any questions. 


Calculate your cost for quilting EDGE to EDGE service

Machine binding cost

Hand binding cost

Regular turnaround is 7 business days, if you need faster please contact us.

Please input dimensions of your quilt top in inches

Regular EDGE to EDGE price per sq.inch is $0.02

Batting and shipping pays additionally !

Machine binding price per linear inch is $0.2

Hand binding price per linear inch is $0.35